Honorary Professor, Dermatology and Aesthetic Medicine, Macau University of Science and Technology



- Perfect Skin Surgery Centre
- Perfect Skin Integrated Medical Centre

Program Director:
- Asian Medical Experts Academy
- Asian Aesthetic Academy

Trainer, Scientific Committee and Faculty, American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine (AAAM)

With 23 years of clinical practice experiences, Dr. KC Hau now is the dermatology director of Perfect Skin Surgery Centre and the consultant of Hairborn Transplant Centre. He also the specialty board director of Dermatology and Venereology, Hong Kong Society of Physicians, the panel consultant of Hong Kong Primary Care Foundation, the specialist consultant of Hong Kong Specialist Care Foundation, the trainer and facilitator of Communications and Risk Management, Medical Protection Society, and the founding vice president of Hong Kong Association for Integrated Aesthetic Medicine.

As the fellow of Hong Kong Society of Dermatology and Venereology, Hong Kong College of Dermatologists, Hong Kong College of Physicians (FHKCP), and Hong Kong Academy of Medicine (FHKAM), Dr. Hau specializes both in dermatology and venereology. He was educated in Chinese University of Hong Kong and earned his Bachelor Degree of Medicine and Surgery (MBChB CUHK), then completed the Basic Physician Training in Princess Margaret Hospital at Hong Kong and  Intensive Fellowship Training Programme in Department of Dermatology, Mount Sinai School of Medicine at New York City, and also gained the diploma in Child Health from University of Sydney.

Dr. Hau has professional interests and competency in the areas of cosmetic dermatology, scar management, hair and scalp diseases, general dermatology, and venereology.   

Office bearer and professional society positions
1.    CME Bulletin Editorial Board, Hong Kong Medical Association
2.    Specialty board director, Dermatology and Venereology, Hong Kong Society of Physicians
3.    Panel Consultant, Hong Kong Primary Care Foundation
4.    Specialist Consultant, Hong Kong Specialist Care Foundation
5.    Founding Vice President, Hong Kong Association for Integrated Aesthetic Medicine
6.    Former attending dermatologist in-­‐charge, Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital
7.    Former attending dermatologist in-­‐charge, Lik Yuen Social Hygiene Clinic, Shatin
8.    Former editorial board, Hong Kong Journal of Dermatology and Venereology
9.    Specialist writer, Medical Progress, Medical Tribune and Journal of O & G

Current Global Trainers, teaching faculty and Key Opinion Leader(KOL)

1.    Global trainer and facilitator in communication and risk management for Medical Protection Society
2.    Trainer, consultancy and speaker for Sculptra, Dysport Aesthetics and other pharmaceutical industries
3.    Consultancy and panel adviser, Association of Pharmaceutical Industry, HK
4.    KOL for Asia Pacific Scar Management Advisory Board
5.    Trainer and faculty member, International Master Course on Aging Skin (IMCAS) Paris and Hong Kong
6.    Expert panel in Asian Hair Loss Forum and steering committee in Asian Hair Loss Management Panel in Korea

Dr. Tatjana Pavicic is a board certified dermatologist specializing in cosmetic surgery and aesthetic services in Munich. She became an internationally respected speaker and trainer on advanced cosmetic dermatology and surgery.

Dr. Pavicic is member of various national and international dermatologic and cosmetic societies. She is the president of the Dermocosmetic group in the Society of Dermopharmacy, General Secretary of the International Peeling Society and Board member of International Society of Dermatologic Surgery. Dr. Pavicic has extensively published in international journals both in the dermatological and the aesthetic fields since 2001. One of her main areas of research are filler complications and combination treatments. She has been involved in multiple studies with different molecules and compounds (botulinum toxin, dermal filler, native hyaluronic acid, dermocosmetics, lasers, peels, etc.). Additionally, Dr. Pavicic followed a training in medical management and marketing at Shangai and WHU in Vallendar.

Dr Jérôme Paris is specialized in Facial Plastic Surgery, Head and Neck Surgery and ENT Dr Jérôme Paris is the Chairman of the Head & Neck Department of the Institut de Chirurgie ORL et maxillofaciale Clairval, Hopital Privé Clairval and a Director and Consultant at the Institut Euro-Mediterranéen de Chirurgie Esthétique et Plastique, both in Marseilles, France. He is a specialist consultant in London, United Kingdom, at The Medical Chambers Kensington registered at the General Medical Council.

Dr Jérôme Paris is the vice-secretary of the SAMCEP Scientific Society (Société Avancée de Médecine et Chirurgie Esthétique et Plastique) and is a director of the Face2F@ce international conference on aesthetic surgery and medicine in Cannes- France (
He is highly experienced in Facial Plastic Surgery and Medicine, Head and Neck Surgery and and is internationally renowned for his expertise in the management of facial rejuvenation, facial palsy management and parotid gland tumors (minimally invasive technique of aesthetic parotidectomy).
Dr Paris graduated from Marseille University in France with academic distinction and national SFORL award.
He completed his residency and fellowship programm in Marseilles France in 2003. He then specialised in Facial Plastic Surgery and Head and Neck Surgery with a fellowship in New York USA at the MSKCC in 2004.
He has previously practised at University Hospital La Timone, Marseille and at the American Hospital of Paris as an associate member.
Dr Paris has published more than 50 scientific articles in various medical international journals. To date, he has participated in over 80 medical congresses in France, Europe and the rest of the world. Dr Paris is a professor and lecturer on surgery in France and abroad. He was appointed honorary professor in Xiamen China.
He speaks fluent english and french and serves in London UK and Marseilles (France).

• Hopital Prive Clairval, Marseilles, France
• Institut Euro-Mediterraneen de Chirugie Esthetique et Plastique, Marseille, France
• The Medical Chambers Kensington, London, United Kingdom

• European Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery
• Société Française de Chirurgie Plastique et Esthétique de la Face et du Cou
• Société Avancée de Médecine et Chirurgie Esthétique et Plastique
• American Head and Neck Society
• Société Française d'Oto Rhino Laryngologie et de Chirurgie cervico faciale

Dr.Hoffmann is Vice Chairman of the world largest (counting in patients beds) dermatological clinic the St.Josef Hospital Bochum which serves as university Hospital to the Ruhr University of Bochum.

Within the hospital he is chairman as well in his private department for Aestethice Medicine with private office in the JosefCarree – see:, (Main clinic ). He is head of the German Laser Center ZELM -NRW supported by the local government with about 21 different lasers plus 3 IPL’s including both new picosecond lasers. The department has about 1000 Patients for surgical interventions, and several thousand patients for laser or noninvasive procedures (BTX, Fillers, Jetpeel, Hydrafacial, Vanquish, Coolscuplting etc.)   He is in the advisory board of several companies as well as editor of several journals. He published 8 books. He  is organizer of the congress the hugest German congress with live surgery, plenary sessions as well as workshops. He has experience in about 100 clinical trials since 1987. He published about 200 peer reviewed papers and a lot of others eg overviews etc.  He gave about 1000 lectures on congresses all over the world. He is in the Editorial board several journals, and won different national + international prices. The latest price was for the best surgical body procedure (done by  liposuction and 1440nm lipolaser)  He is honorary president of the international Society for Bioengineering and Imaging of the skin. He invented high frequency ultrasound and several other noninvasive measuring techniques to dermatology.  He is consultant for the German authorities for everything concerning aesthetic medicine. This is true for the radiation committee (Laser, IPL, Ultrasound) as well as other techniques, medical devices and drugs.

Head of reconstructive and plastic surgery department at S.N. Fyodorov Eye Microsurgery Complex.
Matteo Tretti Clementoni, 47 yrs old, is a board-certified Plastic Surgeon. Graduating summa cum laude at the University of Bologna in 1993 he went on to medical school at the University of Pavia where he concluded his residency program in 1999. He is member of the SICPRE (Società Italiana di Chirurgia Plastica Ricostruttiva ed Estetica), ASLMS (American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery - Fellow), ESLAS (European Society for Laser Aesthetic Surgery), ESLD (European Society for Laser Dermatolgy), SIDCO (Società Italiana di Dermatologia Chirurgica ed Oncologica), AICPE (Associazione Italiana Chirurgia Plastica Estetica) and he is honorary member of the SASDS (South African Society of Dermatologic Surgery), founding member of DASIL (Dermatologic and Aesthetic Surgery International League) and COSMEDICA.

He is also member of  the 中國激光協會 (Chinese Laser Association) and the ABL (Academia Brasileira de Laser e Fotomedicina).  He took part  at 4 surgical voluntary missions in Asia and Africa (becoming chief of the mission in the last one in 1999) treating mostly pediatric malformations and severe burn scars. He started, as private practice, his laser activity in 1996 and now he is author of many papers and he attended, as speaker,  at many national and international meetings. Laser professor for the International Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery 2006 Master's  Course he was also professor during the International Society for Dermatologic Surgery 2007 Master's Course. Professor of the Italian Laser Surgery School in 2005 and 2006 he is Laser professor at the Master in Aesthetic Dermatology since 2009 and Laser Professor of the Aesthetic Laser Surgery School since 2008.  He is also Member of the National Advisory Board of Hi-Tech Dermo,  reviewer of the JEADV, of the Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and of the Journal of Cosmetic and Laser Therapy. 

Sabine Zenker, MD, is an internationally renowned board certified dermatologist and dermatologic surgeon. She graduated from Munich University Medical School (Ludwigs-Maximilians-University Munich) in 1995. Dr. Zenker is revered as one of the most recognized and experienced specialists of cutting-edge concepts in aesthetic dermatology on the international scale. In dedicating herself to clinical work, research and education, she is actively involved in scientific audit, clinical research and development of pioneering products and techniques.

Over the years she became a recognized master trainer and teacher and global key opinion leader in aesthetic dermatology and serves as scientific board member as well as strategic organizer of the most recognized meetings in the field.  Dr Zenker is a member of the German Dermatology Society DDG as well as member of the most renowned international societies such as American Academy Dermatology AAD, the European Academy Dermatology and Venerology EADV etc. Dr. Sabine Zenker contributes continuously to medical journals, public press, print, TV and multimedia. She is a member of the Editorial Advisory Boards of several esteemed medical professional journals. She also serves as board member of medical advisory boards of many leading companies in the field.

Since 2003 Sabine Zenker does develop a comprehensive and encompassing dermatology concept which does comprise the parts DrZenkerDermatology, DrZenkerCosmetics and DrZenkerServices:

DrZenkerDermatology is an internationally leading clinic for dermatology and aesthetic dermatology based in the heart of Munich, Germany. Dr. Sabine Zenker, founder and owner, stands for highest demand of quality, professionalism, safety, innovation and service to serve her patients at best.

DrZenkerCosmetics is a modern institute for cosmetics which offers – based on dermatologic knowhow- a complete range of cosmetic services in an exclusive ambience located in the heart of Munich.

DrZenkerServices aims for optimal transfer of knowledge for professionals by offering and performing consulting, teaching and clinical studies.

Plastic surgeon, surgeon of the highest category, a member of the Ukrainian Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons, the leading trainer of IPSEN on the use of Dysport in aesthetic medicine.

Alexandr Vasilievich is a legendary person for Ukrainian aesthetic medicine and the world-renowned expert. He is a plastic surgeon, an active member of the Russian Society of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons (SPRAS) All-Ukrainian Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons (UAPRAS).  Several times passed trainings in plastic and reconstructive surgery in Paris (France). Took part in many international congresses, conferences and forums on plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery, and applied aesthetics.

Alexandr Borodko has more than 20 years of working experience. He has been a practitioner in the field of the plastic surgery since 1996. By the beginning of 2010, he performed more then 4 000 operations.

Alexandr Vasilievich stood at the origins of the BotulinoTherapy in Ukraine. He has been using Dysport in aesthetic medicine since 1996, and has vast experience of different fillers applying. His experience in applying of middle and deep peelings (TCA, phenol) is truly unique for Ukraine. 

Yegor Kolodchenko, M.D., Ph.D. Dermatovenerologist, specialist in laser medicine, one of the first in Ukraine to work with the laser and photosystems in aesthetic medicine since 2000. There is a recognized expert in laser medicine in Ukraine and abroad. President of the Association for Laser Medicine and Cosmetology. Member of the Ukrainian Association of doctors and dermatologists cosmetologists and European Association of Dermatovenerology (EADV). Chief Physician Group clinics for Laser Medicine and Cosmetology "Cogerent".

Dr. Yegor Kolodchenko was the first in 2000, imported to Ukraine and began to use in the clinic diode laser for laser hair removal. The same year, the clinic headed by Yegor Kolodchenko, became the first in the country to carry out procedures for photorejuvenation using IPL. It is in constant improvement, becoming a pioneer in the introduction of modern methods of unique treatment with neodymium and erbium lasers, such as laser onychomycosis, laser treatment of Urine incontinence syndrom, pelvic organ prolapse, etc. He has developed and put into practice three patents for laser therapy (in 2003, 2010 and 2013). During his time accumulated vast experience of laser procedures in more than 20 000 patients.
Dr. Yegor Kolodchenko not only constantly improves his professional experience, but also successfully shares their experience with colleagues. Since 2001 takes part as a constant participant, speaker and moderator of the International Congress of Applied Aesthetics and Cosmetology in Ukraine, as well as many other educational activities. Since 2010 - Honorary member of the "Club FOTONA», international speaker on laser medicine. The curator of the International Training Center of laser medicine clinic Cogerent. Author of over 90 publications of specialized medical journals. He was awarded the St. George Medal «Honour. Glory. Work »III degree for high professionalism. He received the honorary title of "Golden hands of Ukraine" (2011) and "The standard of professionalism" (2013).


Owner and chief physician of the beauty bureau “Come Mode”.


•    Graduated with honors from St. Petersburg State Pediatric Medical Academy in 2008 dermatologist
•    Completed Internship in Dermatology at the Saint Petersburg Military State Medical Academy named after Kirov in 2009.
•    Attended post graduate course of studies on Cosmetology at Saint Petersburg First State Medical University named after Pavlov.


Since 2009 up to present - Private Practice, Dermatologist

Extra Curricular Activity
•    Member of the Aesthetic Medicine Association.
•    Scientific editor of the Aesthetic Medicine web-portal 
•    Author of numerous articles in international and national scientific journals, active participant and guest speaker at Congresses and Conferences on dermatology and cosmetology.

Plastic surgeon, 40 years old. Fellow of the EBOPRAS (european board of plastic surgery). Member of the French college of Plastic Surgery. Founder member of iClass Anatomy.
Natalia Gaidash, MD, PhD; dermatovenerologist, cosmetologist, specialist in photo and laser technologies, Member of the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery (ASLMS), European Academy of Dermatology and Venerology (EADV), International Society of Dermatology (ISD), European Medical Laser Association (EMLA), International Society of Dermatoscopy (IDS), Russian Society of Aesthetic Medicine, American Academy of Dermatology(AAD).
Daniel Cassuto, MD, a plastic and aesthetic surgeon in Milan, Italy, knew for years that his hands would bring him success. “I wanted to be a surgeon because I wanted to use my hands in order to help people,” he says, explaining that he always felt more comfortable using his hands for a living than talking. “Eventually you need both anyway, but I knew I could train my hands to do what I want them to, so I went into surgery.”

Cassuto studied medicine at Hebrew University of Jerusalem’s Faculty of Medicine in Israel, and while in school, did research on burn victims and treatments, finding the subject—and the connected work—fascinating. He sought a medical specialty that dealt with aesthetic work, and also factored in his decision to pursue a line of work that wouldn’t require him to work full-time in a hospital. “I didn’t know if I wanted to work for an institution all of my life, and I was also interested in the possibility of private practice,” he says.

Following graduation from medical school in 1985, Cassuto returned to Italy and worked in university hospitals, as well as at outside private practices in the evenings, and eventually gathered enough support and financial capital to open his own practice in Milan in 1999. During his residency, he had spent time working with lasers in the hospital setting and saw how they would benefit a private aesthetic practice, so he invested in the expensive equipment early on. “When I established my own practice and bought my first laser, I didn’t sleep at night because I was not sure I could make the monthly payments,” he recalls. “That initial laser purchase has led to me having 15 devices in my practice today.”